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A Brief Look At The History And Science Of Swimming

Swimming has been around as long as people have been on earth and where ever there is water people are going to be swimming. It was first done in Egypt and then just started getting more and more popular and we have the sport as we have it today. Many people didn't think that swimming started until the 1900s well at least competitive swimming anyways.The water and liquids in your body are not denser the water because then you wouldn't be able to float and swim. This is what allows you to swim is all your insides being lighter then the water which allows your body to get to the surface if your liquids were denser then water then you wouldn't float you would sink and that wouldn't be swimming.When you are swimming your body should be straight with the water other words known as parallel to the water. You are going to want to try and stay afloat and try to move your arms and start swimming if you are a big guy with a lot of muscle it is going to be harder for you then for someone that is skinny and with only a l...


Benefits of Installing An Outdoor Sauna

There are many benefits to installing a sauna. Whether you decide to install one for health reasons, or just for the pure enjoyment and relaxation, justifying such a purchase should not be difficult.There are also several types from which to choose. Where you install your sauna will most likely depend on the amount of space you have, and how much of it you can devote. You have two basic options when doing so, an indoor sauna, or an outdoor sauna. There are advantages to both, but installing an outdoor sauna may present you with more options.There is currently a wide variety of pre-fabricated sauna kits available today, and many options where type and size are concerned. Since many outdoor saunas are also designed to be a pool house, you can own both in one unit. This can help take care of your pool needs in the summer, while providing you with the use of a sauna year-round.Here, you will have a changing room that is separate from the rooms in your house, which will offer guests privacy at the pool area....


Pool Solar Heater vs Gas Heaters

A new gas powered heater for your swimming pool will cost upwards of $3000 or more, and heating the pool in this fashion can cost many more hundreds on a monthly basis, so switching to solar heat for your pool may be the best financial option. All you need in order to install a basic solar heating system on your swimming pool is an area relatively close to the pool that is approximately half the square footage or more of the surface area of the pool. This area must be in direct sunlight for the majority of the day in order to realize the full potential of your pool solar heater. The actual amount of surface area that you will need to cover with solar cells will depend on the size of your pool, howl warm you want the pool to be, as well as the amount of direct sunlight that that area receives. It will also be critically important whether you use a cover nightly on the pool. Without a cover nightly on the swimming pool almost all heat generated from the solar heater will be lost. Manufactured solar panels are...


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